Korean Grammar

Korean Grammar

The Complete Guide to Speaking Korean Naturally

Soohee Kim, Emily Curtis, Haewon Cho


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Korean Grammar: The Complete Guide to Speaking Korean Naturally covers all the basic sentence structures, verbal forms and idiomatic expressions taught in the first two years of a college level Korean language course.

It is specifically designed for the following learners:

  • Beginning or intermediate level Korean language students
  • Self-study adult learners or those studying with a tutor
  • Heritage learners who wish to speak Korean more correctly
  • Anyone who wants to review previously acquired Korean

Each chapter provides clear grammatical explanations with charts and examples for each construction, showing how it is used in various contexts. All Korean words and sentences are given in both Korean Hangul script and Romanized form, with English translations to assist beginning learners. Fundamental concepts like honorifics, formal and informal speech styles, verb endings and complex sentence constructions are all presented in straightforward terms to make these constructions accessible to learners at every level. Exercises at the end of each chapter reinforce the learning process.