18 Laws of Personal Development

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18 Laws of Personal Development

Siegfried Silverman, Josef-Israel


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To succeed in business and personal development requires a personal effort and a desire to change your status quo. Success depends on a number of critical factors in life; relating them from the perspective of a professional accountant who is dedicated to growing start-ups, counselling, coaching, teaching and guiding young and up-coming business executives. The book touches on finance, marketing, accounting, psychology, economics and spiritual experiences to address thorny issues that are taken for granted in planning, execution and development of oneself.

Divided into three parts, Part I teaches on planning and getting yourself organized for that business. How do you get that business running, how do you plan for the year in terms of resolutions and how to get your annual resolutions working, how to position yourself in your chosen niche and how to get that vision realized through active participation?

Part II expands on personal development topics with Finance, Accounting, Psychology, Marketing and Economics topics that are studied in business schools but are rarely applied in personal life. You shall be guided on how life possibilities are open before your eyes in a practical way after going through all the steps therein.

Part III considers the spiritual origin of man, how and why you have been born in that house and the reason why your father is not the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. You will learn how to adjust yourself in order to come out from your present situations if only you lift up your spirit! You shall also learn about the spiritual activities of your brain and how you can exploit it for the benefit of your own self. Know the difference between intelligence, knowledge and wisdom and the reason why your back-brain (cerebellum) plays a significant role in your spiritual development than ever.

Don’t read any motivational book without this!